Embrace your Uniqueness!

There is nothing to be fixed, but to be rediscovered. Join the Sparkling Sheep Community to fall in love with your “imperfections” again, and lead your life to a more joyous place, by shining your light and having fun on this planet!

Be yourself

Empower the black sheep within!

If you’ve ever felt out of place,
If you are hungry for a life revolution, a reinvention,
If you have achieved success according to the current society standards but haven’t found real happiness yet,
If you feel bored or disconnected from your inner child and your joy, and thirsty to find your real life purpose and mission,
The Sparkling Sheep is the place where you belong.

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Healing doesn’t have to be painful or boring. You can heal by fully connecting to your heart, while following joyful celebrative practices that will connect you with the right elevated frequencies that will propel the manifestation of the magical life you so much desire.

Our principles are: JOY, PLAYFULNESS, LAUGHTER, CREATIVITY, LOVE, CELEBRATION, RESILIENCE, AUTHENTICITY. SCIENCE & SUSTAINABILITY. We use different tools, based in SCIENCE with a spiritual TWIST, that have been proven to crush the game of LIFE!

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The Sparkling sheep is a heart-based, fun and vibrant community and program that will lead you towards unlocking your real and unique super powers.

It is a sacred and fun space where you are guided towards your authenticity and true voice, towards what makes you shine so you can become a true leader, stand out from the crowd and create change in the world.

It is a school of soulful world leaders, and a strong community of unique individuals with a sole purpose in mind: to change the current situation of the world, by tapping into their JOY. It is your home and your family. The playground for the realization of your most colorful dreams and magical life!.



The Sparkling Sheep community is a disruptive and safe space that creates the perfect setting for you to manifest an abundant creative life, while feeling supported and understood.

Let’s work together to unlock yourself from your limiting beliefs and conquer your dreams from a space of pure joy, laughter, celebration, love, playfulness, creativity & authenticity.

Feel free to join our different programs and be ready to change the world with your light!

See you soon!


Sparkling Morning

Join Marian for a daily celebration of life that will elevate you to an intense state of JOY & GRATITUDE!

The Sparkling morning is an invitation for all of us human beings, living in times of planetary crisis, to STEP UP, start shifting and spreading our beautiful energies & JOY into the world.

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You are not here to fit into the current world.

You are here to build a new amazing one, and stand up!

Join us to become the heart-based, joyful leader this planet is waiting for!